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Adjustable seat

Bikeshare bikes fit riders of any height thanks to an easily adjustable seat post.

Multiple gears

Three speeds are perfect for Indy’s gentle grades!

Phone dock

Use the phone dock to safely secure your mobile device while riding.


Taking a break? Keep your bike safely upright with a convenient kickstand.

Basket storage

A front basket offers plenty of space for storing your groceries, purse, briefcase, or whatever you’re carrying.

Built-in bike lock

Running a quick errand and need to leave your bike outside? Temporarily secure your bike with the built-in lock.

Automatic lights

Automatic lights help keep you safe and visible.

BOSCH e-bike motor

The motor offers a gentle, electric pedal assist to make your rides even easier.

Electric assist display and bell

Check your speed, turn the electric assist on (or off!), and communicate with other trail users by ringing your bell.

The Impact of Pacers Bikeshare

Pacers Bikeshare launched in 2014 with 25 stations and 250 bikes along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick.

Today, the system has 50 stations reaching outside of downtown Indy to neighborhoods along the City’s bike and greenway network.

  • 2m
    pounds of carbon offset from Pacers Bikeshare trips
  • 19m
    minutes ridden (that's 8 trips to the moon and back!)
  • 50
    stations across the city

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